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Ergophyx provides a employee physical wellbeing program to the SURAT POLICE and helps them understand the benefits of workplace wellness programs.

One Day Session - Single Day Boost

Ergophyx offers the opportunity to organize a one-day seminar at your workplace, tailored to coincide with your company’s special occasions. Our expert team can curate a seminar that aligns with your objectives, ensuring a meaningful and informative experience for your employees. Elevate workplace wellness and engagement by celebrating important milestones with us.


How can a one-day seminar improve your workplace's health?



Are your employees feeling uneasy in the workplace during working hours?

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Our Patient Review

"Our workplace is remarkably transformed, thanks to the Ergophyx team for their dedication, WMSD is evidently reduced and discomfort in completely eliminated. We couldn't be happier with the positive change they've brought. A true transformation!"

- Happy Client

"As our well-being partner, their support significantly enhances employee health and productivity, delivering exceptional results. Their commitment has been a game-changer for us."

- Happy Client

"Their expert approach has effectively eliminated discomfort from our work environment, bringing lasting relief to our team. Their dedication to wellness is highly commendable."

- Happy Client

"Their comprehensive wellness strategy is a driving force behind improved employee health and business success, with consistently exceptional outcomes. We are extremely pleased with the partnership."

- Happy Client

"In the realm of workplace wellness, they've proven to be a true game-changer. With a substantial reduction in WMSD and elevated satisfaction levels, their impact is undeniable and highly appreciated."

- Happy Client
image of A woman experiencing back pain and neck pain. Ergophyx help Employee's help to prevent these diseases via wellness program