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Customized Physical Therapy and Mental Wellness Programs for Employee well-being

Surat Police conducted Employee well-being program with one-day ergonomic training, which included group exercises aimed at increasing flexibility and stamina. The meeting fed 250 members of the Surat Police Force representing the Surat Police Headquarters.

At Arya Industries, Dahej, an industrial training program was developed with special emphasis on eliminating ergonomic hazards. The program mainly focused on corrective exercises aimed at reducing muscular issues commonly encountered in the workplace. Notably, the training required 55 workers in Class 4, and forced a proactive approach to enhance workplace health and safety.

A professional ergonomic training session was conducted for Class 4 construction employees at Unnati Infra. The session accommodated approximately 45 participants.

A workshop aiming to prevent muscular concerns among preschool educators was held at The Village and Happy Minds. The workshop featured group exercises. The session boasted participation from a cohort of 100 employees representing both institutions.

A comprehensive one-day ergonomic training session was conducted, focusing on identifying and mitigating prevalent ergonomic hazards within the industry. The program encompassed group exercises designed to address both the prevention and rehabilitation of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). This session was successfully carried out across three different locations of Best Value Chem Pvt Ltd, with 100 employees attending at each site.

During special events like Women’s Day, Ergophyx meticulously crafts well-being programs tailored to address the specific concerns of women. These initiatives, led by a seasoned physiotherapist, offer invaluable guidance and support. The seminars delve into effective strategies for tackling these issues, leveraging expertise from esteemed members of the Ergophyx team, including a specialized gynecologist focusing on breast care. Furthermore, informative lectures are provided to illuminate related topics such as ovarian health and cancer prevention.

Ergophyx organized a tailored employee wellness program for the Godhra police force, providing consultations with doctors, gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists, as well as educational sessions on ergonomics to improve their overall wellbeing and performance . This program was specifically designed to support all 350 officers.