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Enhancing Workplace

Workplace wellness initiatives from Ergophyx put employees’ health first, promoting a corporate wellness culture in India. Our emphasis on workplace wellness seeks to develop happier, healthier workers. By means of customized physical therapy sessions, we foster employee well-being, decreasing absenteeism and improving productivity. As part of our strategy, we optimize ergonomic workspaces, which boost worker happiness and reduce healthcare expenditures.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider in comprehensive Physiotherapy and Ergonomics services to corporate and industrial sectors.

Our Mission

Ergophyx help to Improving workplace health and safety measures for enhanced employee well-being.

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Meet Ergophyx Founders

As a top provider of employee health and wellness solutions in India, ERGOPHYX underscores the significance of early detection of underlying health concerns. Our programs go beyond conventional physical therapy, mental health, Ergonomics, covering weight management, posture improvement, and heightened body awareness. This holistic strategy leads to improved fitness levels, fostering a more productive workforce within the corporate wellness landscape in India.

Dr. Maitri Shukla

Founder Of Ergophyx

Dr. Maitri shukla; founder of ergophyx; is has a work experience of 9 years in the field of physiotherapy. She has worked in academics for more than 5 years. After that, she has been a clinician who is running her own clinic successfully in vadodara and halol. 
Dr. Maitri Shukla
MPT (Ortho) GPC-2266
Founder Of Ergophyx
Dr. Pooja Raval founder of ergophyx. Physiotherapist

Dr. Pooja Raval

Co-Founder Of Ergophyx

Dr. Pooja raval; co-founder of ergophyx; has a work experience of more than 12 years. She has been a clinician for more than 9 years and spent 3 years in academics. She has her own physiotherapy department in a multispecialty hospital since 5 years.
Dr. Pooja Raval
MPT (Neuro) GPC-3546
Co-Founder Of Ergophyx
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Benefit of Employee Wellness

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Are your employees feeling uneasy in the workplace during working hours?

Discover how our Ergophyx specialists are transforming the workplace by prioritizing employee well-being. Trust us to enhance your employee comfort, health, and productivity. Join the revolution today.